How To Clean Earbuds Easily And Safely

Ear buds are a wonderful alternative ear wear to those who lead an active lifestyle but still desire to move around with their music. They offer the advantages of being less bulky than the regular headphones and they also offer exceptional noise cancellation and good sound quality. However, the use of ear buds poses a great risk to the users’ ear health both in the method that it delivers sound and in the risk of infection due to dirty buds.

To reduce the risk of infection and reduced sound quality, it is important that one regularly cleans the ear buds. Cleaning the ear buds can be a daunting task as doing it the wrong way may not clean them at all or they may damage the ear buds themselves. This article then aims to show you how you can clean your ear buds easily and safely to ensure prolonged use of the buds.

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Why Clean Earbuds?
What Do You Need?
The Process

Why Clean Earbuds?

Cleaning ear buds is not only safe for your ears but it is also hygienic. Ensuring that the buds are clean will definitely reduce the risk of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses.

Additionally, this action will help reduce the buildup of ear wax and ensure that there are no ear infections. As an added point, cleaning the ear buds will also lead to an increase in enjoyment as ear wax build up will impact on the quality of sound from the buds. Careful cleaning the ear buds will thus ensure that the sound quality will improve and reduce the risk of infection to the users’ ears.

What Do You Need?

Cleaning ear buds may sound like a daunting activity at first but it should not be a cause for concern to any user. Indeed most of the materials needed to clean the ear buds are readily available at home. Generally, one would need a soapy solution or an anti-bacterial solution like Hydrogen Peroxide that concentrated to a maximum of 3%. Other materials needed should be a toothbrush to remove any solid particles, a soft cloth, and a basin.

The Process

First of all one would need to pour a little warm water into the basin and add a few drops of dish soap or any other anti-bacterial agent. It is prudent to note that using too much soap may cause a residue that may impact on the quality of sound. The second step would be to unplug the earphones from any connected device and remove the silicone/mesh covering the bud. Then soak the silicone tips into the warm water or carefully wipe the metallic cover with the solution. This will kill off any bacteria on the tips.

After the tips have been cleaned, take the toothbrush and give the metal screening a gentle rubbing to ensure that all foreign particles including dirt or ear wax have been removed. The toothbrush must be dry to ensure that no water enters the metal screening as this will most likely damage the earphones if it leaks within. After the metal screening has been cleaned, take the piece of cloth and use it to wipe the plastic shell encompassing the electronic components of the earphones. This will help to remove any lingering ear wax particles or skin oil and thereby bacteria that may still be on the outer covering of the earphones.

After this step set the earphones aside in order to start work on the silicone tips or the outer metal mesh that contacts with the ears. It is important to note that this is the most important step as this is where most of the bacteria and dirt accumulate. First of all, dip the cloth in the soap or anti-bacterial solution and completely wipe the silicone bud thoroughly. Then, turn the silicone tip inside out and then repeat the process to ensure that the tip is entirely clean. Soaking the ear buds ensures that the grime, dirt, and wax come off easily. Use of warm water here is also advantageous as it enables the ear wax to slough off easily. Then the tips should be placed on a clean surface or cloth and allowed to dry. Then replace them with the earphones and they should be ready for use.Cleaning ear buds should not be a tiring or engaging task. Due to the advantages that having a clean ear bud and the attendant dangers that having a dirty ear bud pose, it should be a priority for every owner of an earphone to have clean ear piece. The process should, however, be done right to avoid damaging the ear buds.

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