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When seeking a quality sound system, whether it be home or office, Polk Audio is your best resource. They have built an impeccable reputation for providing audio to fit the needs of any and all listening environments. Polk Audio is known for offering sound systems for your home theater, on the road, through your portable device, as well as in your office setting.

Polk Audio delivers a matchless sound system for your home theater needs. A loaded range of choices is at your wim to enhance digital movies, games and TV shows. Your ears are in for a treat as you hear every musical detail, the impact of that deep bass component that engages you for hours, and voice reproduction that is crystal clear. You will probably never go out to the movies again!

Polk Audio has honed the technology necessary to produce a quality listening experience on or off the road. They have a huge inventory of car speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers crafted to perfection. These speakers can turn your vehicle into a major sound machine on the go! An RV, truck or even a boat… actually anything that you enjoy driving can be equipped with a quality sound system from Polk Audio. The quality sound production will make your vehicle come alive at anytime and anywhere. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the road.

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Performance Of Polk Audio 265-LS
Features Of Polk Audio 265-LS
Pros and Cons of Polk Audio RC65i
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Polk Audio 265-LS Review

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Polk Audio 265-LS

One of the Best In wall Speaker with Great Sound Quality and Dynamic Range

This three-dimensional speaker is a piece of the trademark “Vanishing” arrangement made by Polk that offers a flame broil outside that sticks out only a hair over a fourth of an inch from the divider, has small and scarcely unmistakable openings and can be painted to coordinate the dividers in your home.

The Polk Sound 265-LS offers strong recurrence reaction, a lot of speaker power, a lifetime guarantee and considerate and supportive individuals at the flip side of their without toll telephone number on the off chance that you happen to have an inquiry.

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Performance Of Polk Audio 265-LS

In spite of the fact that it can fluctuate significantly starting with one individual then onto the next, people generally can hear a scope of sound frequencies that traverses 20Hz to 20,000Hz. With sound waves, a hertz is equivalent to one wave cycle for each second. Higher musical tones just have quicker wave cycles than bass notes.

The Polk Sound 265-LS does not coordinate the 20Hz to 20,000Hz territory superbly, but rather among our positioned items, it comes close. This in-divider speaker offers an entirely respectable extent with its least recurrence reaction at 28Hz and its most noteworthy recurrence reaction at 33,000Hz.


To the extent affectability, as measured in decibels, the Polk 265-LS is one of the best we evaluated with a level of 91decibels.

This in-divider speaker offers an advantageous scope of enhancer force, extending from at least 10 watts to a most extreme of 200 watts.

Features Of Polk Audio 265-LS

The Polk Sound 265-LS accompanies a 6.5-inch woofer, one 6.5-inch mid-range recurrence driver and a 1-inch tweeter that will give you a full supplement of sound. The organization suggests that you utilize this as the “premise for a stealth home theater framework, or a concealed two-channel stereo cluster.”

​Polk does not discharge its hybrid recurrence figures either through organization delegates or on its site.

This sound framework comes in one industrial facility shading, white, yet can be painted to mix flawlessly into whatever your divider hues are. Projecting just a quarter inch from the divider, the Polk Sound 265-LS is intended to be so inconspicuous as to be about imperceptible and won’t reduce the feel of your home.

Polk Sound expresses that it prides itself on utilizing the “best materials” and the most progressive assembling methods while making its items. The organization additionally declares on its site that its items “pass the business” most comprehensive quality tests, including drop testing, great sign reaction and UV and salt introduction testing. Polk amplifiers are worked to perform for a lifetime.

Pros and Cons of Polk Audio RC65i


    • This well-made item sounds great, as well as is almost imperceptible once it’s painted the shade of your divider.


    • The organization does not discharge data about its items’ hybrid recurrence.

My Words

This is a decent estimated unit that, regardless of its liberal estimations, is not particularly overwhelming. Polk keeps up that it is anything but difficult to introduce and offers an aide that gives guidance on the most proficient method to arrange the speakers in a room so they will work to their full limit. You likewise get exhortation about how huge the cut-out bit from the divider ought to be to introduce the gadget and what kind of wiring and devices you will require. The speaker itself is 20.9 creeps high, 8.9 crawls wide and 3.5 creeps profound. It measures nine pounds.

The organization posts much of the time made inquiries for help with general inquiries that may unravel whatever situation you are confronting. The Polk 265-LS accompanies a lifetime guarantee, which is superior to any of alternate items we inspected. On the off chance that you have any issues with your sound framework, you can unquestionably get assistance from Polk Sound.

Is your office environment feeling a little drab and “ho-hum”? Allow Polk Audio to liven up your workplace. Since we are at the office more than at home, Polk knows how to extend your listening pleasure to the workplace. From rocking audio horsepower for an executive project to some light entertainment at your desk or cubicle, Polk Audio can surely deliver. The surround bars and loudspeakers can transform pitches and telecommunicate into presentations that impact and impress. Polk speakers can be used in large conference rooms or small meeting rooms to produce just the right amount of volume for all listeners to tune in without distortion. Having a quality sound system at your office can make the workday move along without a hitch and soothe the overall morale.

For over four decades Polk Audio has been dedicated to innovation and audio engineering. So in the near future, why not make Polk your next sound system brand.


This is a magnificent sound framework like a portable bluetooth speakers from an organization that has a long-standing notoriety for quality. In the event that you need to fill a room, or your home, yard or wherever else in your habitation with wonderful music or exchange, investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the Polk 265-LS in-divider speaker. It is very much composed, made to be tough, won’t break the monetary allowance and will convey top notch sound quality.

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