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One of the most in-demand home improvements is “invisible” built-in speakers. If you already have a traditional home theater system or stereo music system, you can still use built-in speakers, like the high-performance RCi Series, in your system. Use a mid-sized in-wall speaker, like this Polk Audio RC65i, as a set of surround speakers for your home theater system. (You can even add an extra set of surrounds, for extended multi-channel systems, without taking up any extra room real estate.) Use the Polk Audio RC65i as a multi-zone speaker to spread good sounds throughout your home. Moisture-resistant materials make the Polk Audio RC65i perfect for high performance in unlikely locations, like bathrooms and covered porches. Get in on the hype, and install “invisible” built-ins today.

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Features of Polk Audio RC65i
How To Install Your Own In-Wall Speakers
Pros and Cons of Polk Audio RC65i


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Polk Audio RC65i

Polk Audio RC65i provides high-quality sound without making a hole in your pocket. The Best In Wall Speakers in Our Choice

The Polk RC65i is a 100 W speaker that packs best in class innovations in a reduced structure component. This Polk speaker produces perfectly clear stable impacts with an adequate measure of punch with a top force taking care of capacity of 100 watts. The establishment is simple with the Rotating Cam Mounting arrangement of this 100 W speaker, permitting your framework to get up and running inside minutes. Furthermore, the inventive Infinite Baffle Tuning in this Polk speaker makes utilization of the virtual fenced in area of in-divider space for boosting the bass yield. Besides, with a paintable grille and rib, the Polk RC65i stays disguised in your wall.

Features of Polk Audio RC65i

– Easy one-cut, drop-in establishment places worked in sound inside a scope, with Perfect Fit formats, an exactness spine, and (accessible) pre-development sections; accomplish secure, sans vibration effectiveness with a basic turn of the licensed Rotating Cam framework.

– With limitless confound tuning, RCi speakers use the “virtual fenced in area” of your in the divider and in roof space to upgrade their bass reaction and smooth low recurrence mixing with the midrange.

– Lightweight and solid blue polymer cones convey great damping and bass reaction.

– Durable, PC demonstrated, infusion formed butyl elastic encompasses stifle undesirable cone resonances for a lifetime of dependable sound.

– Aimable swivel tweeters for more prominent precision and more sensible imaging. (All shows aside from RC6s.)

– Polk’s restrictive, licensed Dynamic Balance innovation permits our specialists to outline out bending bringing on driver and framework resonances, so you just hear the great sounds.

– Klippel engine enhancement utilizes laser estimation innovation to guarantee a smooth journey way at either end of the volume range for uniform execution at both low and high volumes.

– Rustproof stainless steel equipment, strong butyl elastic encompasses and powder covered aluminum (in-roof) and painted steel (in-divider) grilles make RCi Series speakers reasonable for high dampness zones like bathrooms, transitional spaces or even under the overhang or in the roof of an encased patio. (RCi arrangement are not appropriate for uncovered open air use. For outside speaker fun, utilize our Atrium® Series.)

– Paintable grilles let you fabricate them in, and afterward, overlook them; RCi Series speakers basically vanish into any room.

– RCi Series speakers are timbre-coordinated to other Polk speakers to guarantee absolutely consistent mixing from speaker to speaker in frameworks that consolidate customary and worked in speakers.

– All Polk items are made utilizing the best materials and the most developed assembling procedures. They pass the business’ most comprehensive quality tests, including drop testing, compelling sign reaction, and UV & salt exposure testing. Polk loudspeakers are built to perform for a lifetime.

How To Install Your Own In-Wall Speakers

Before we get started with the actual installation, you should be sure to check with the local authorities about any ordinances that may require permits when altering the walls and ceilings of your residence. So with all the preliminary details out of the way, let’s get started now. When installing in-wall speakers, one of the most important considerations is the construction of the wall. Find out where the studs are located, the standard is 16″apart. We should plan on installing are speakers in between the studs. It is important to avoid damaging the studs because depending on the construction they may be supporting the ceiling.

Many designs use a push pin style connection where you just push the positive and negative wires in place. Make sure you use wire that lets you distinguish between positive and negative that is red and white. When running the wire through the wall, be sure to mark which cable goes to the stereo and which ones go to the volume control. The speaker cable should be stapled to the studs at a maximum of every 36″.

The speaker will attach itself to the wall, and will normally go less than 3 1/2″ into the wall to accommodate the standard two by four studs used in most construction. Please be aware that it is possible to have two by three studs, these are mainly used in townhouses and condominiums, and if this is the case you may need specialized in-wall speakers that will occupy less space in the wall.

One thing that people overlook planning installation is what is on the other side of the wall. Be sure to remember that the sound will penetrate both the front and back of the wall, this may become an issue if the adjoining room is a place that you do not want to hear the sound from the speaker.

You can also isolate the sound with certain products, for example, you could use a product made by Polk that is called a performance enclosure. A performance enclosure acts as a sound barrier, they are normally wide enough to fit within the 16″ gap between the studs and it acts as a barrier for the sound in the back of the speaker. Now that was not too hard to follow I hope. You will be enjoying your in-wall speakers in no time.

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Pros and Cons of Polk Audio RC65i


    • Provides high-quality sound without making a hole in your pocket.
    • If you own a Polk Audio, you have a unique piece of equipment. The speakers have shaped Triangular Polygon which does not look like any other audio systems out there. The triangular speaker is not just for aesthetic purpose but it also serves a function.
    • If you are familiar or you want a quality overall frequency response, then this is for you. The response of this system is between 22 kHz and 40 Hz.
    • Mounting options is never a problem. This system provides so many mounting options.
    • You do not have to own a big home theater to be able to experience high-quality sound. If you own this system, you are going to hear the sounds as if you are in a real theater.


    • If you are into bulky heavy speakers, then this might be a problem for Polk Audio. Some people look for this, but most people think this does not matter, as long as the quality is the same as the big one.


Speakers for any home theater are no longer far from many people’s reach. Home theater equipment is obtainable in a wide variety of pricing appropriate for any budget. Quality speakers by top brands are obtainable within the selection of average homeowners and top of the line speakers are likewise available for audio junkies who have a good ear for sound along with a fascination with the technology. Don’t let pricing prevent you from getting the proper type of speakers for your house. Speak to a custom installer regarding your price range and what is most important to you when it pertains to the sound quality in your home theater.

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