Yamaha NSIW470WH 3-Way In Wall Speaker Review

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* speakers have excellent sound, can give out surround sound effects.

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Yamaha NSIW470WH

Yamaha NSIW470WH is Best In Wall Speaker in Budget, well-made item sounds great,

Yamaha NSIW470WH from Yamaha feature a high-quality crossover network. The crossover circuit is designed to minimize distortion and deterioration of sound quality. The system also has an internally wired Monster cable to ensure clean and clear signals to the speaker driver. The Tweeter and Midrange driver functions are allocated in the speakers to adjust to ‘High-Level ‘for high-quality sound aimed at the listening areas. The speakers have a 6.5” woofer which includes a 2” coated paper cone. These qualities of the speaker ensure that the listener experiences excellent sound quality with clarity and gives optimum results even in high volume.

These speakers from Yamaha are designed for impeccable sound quality and ease-of-use, without hampering the buyer’s budget.


• Height-Depth – 3.81”*3.81”
• Sensitivity -87 dB
• Nominal Output -40 watts
• Maximum output-120 watts
• Connectivity – Wired
• Product Dimension – 30.2*22.6*9.7
• Placing – Wall mounted
• Amplification Type – Passive
• Weight – 4 kg
• Crossover Channel Quality – 3 way
• Color – white

Installation, Functioning, and Performance of Yamaha NSIW470WH


Installing the speakers is an easy task that can be done by the user himself, and requires only a few tools. There is a detailed user manual provided with the speakers that make the task of installation very convenient. The grills are detachable and can be spray painted to match the interior background. The wires of the speakers have to be connected, and the speakers have to be screwed and mounted on the wall. There are wall retaining clips provided, they have to be first removed before installation as they are delicate and tend to break.

The speakers have a 1” silk soft dome tweeter and a swivel tweeter to concentrate the high-frequency sounds to the areas which require them the most. The midrange driver level can also be adjusted to suit your sound preferences. The 3-way speakers offer superior quality surround sound effects. Other characteristics like frequency and sensitivity and power listing which is higher than speakers in the same segment. These speakers from Yamaha handle high-volume sounds very well and deliver clear music without any distortion.

Pros and Cons of Yamaha NSIW470WH


    • The speakers have excellent sound, and if placed well, they can give out surround sound effects. The customers are satisfied with the product as they can handle high-pitch volumes with immense clarity without any distortion. The Midbass is powerful, and the highs do not cause harsh noises.
    • The monster cable “wiring” provided with these speakers have a lifetime warranty.
    • The crossover circuit is large, and the frequency response ranges from 20 KHz to 65 Hz. This frequency level is not exactly compatible but falls close to the human range of hearing, and therefore, it ensures high-quality sound.
    • Installation is easy. The user manual can be consulted which gives a detailed guide to installing the device. It does not require too many tools for installation.
    • The Yamaha speakers can be painted to suit the background coloring and the grills of the speaker are curved which add an element of design.
    • The sound is better than the floor speakers and do not take up any extra space in the room, as they are mounted on the wall and do not cause any obstruction.
    • • These speakers have a maximum capacity of 120 w, which is higher than other speakers in this range.
    • Monster cables offer great resistance and little noises, which ensures premium sound quality.
    • The speakers are very well packaged and are laterally placed rather flat which reduces chances of damage during transit.
    • The customers are satisfied with the product; these speakers offer tremendous sound quality and great functionality at affordable price.


    • Painting the grills in the speaker could be a cumbersome process which could result in clogging the sound system with the paint, if not taken done with care.
    • The company gives only a 2-year warranty with this product which is less compared to the other competitors in the market.
    • There seems to be a difference from model to model as some consumers have complained about the inferior quality of sound.
    • Installation process could become a hassle for some as there are too many wires which need to be placed with understanding.
    • The clips that hold the speakers are very fragile and can be subject to breakage if not handled carefully.


The quality, look, and pricing of the product are extremely decent. The greatest advantage of wall mounted speakers is that they do not disrupt the aesthetics of the room in which they are placed. When placed strategically, these speakers can give out surround sound effects. Some customers were so happy with these speaker’s sound effects that they even bypassed the woofer installation idea. The monster cables and 3-way system of the speaker add to its sound quality.

Though a few complaints were seen against the product, where customers were not happy with their product, this was a rare instance.The Yamaha NSIW470WH 3-Way speakers are compact, easy to install, and offers excellent sound quality at reasonable prices. The designers of this product have taken into account the room aesthetics as they can be painted in coordination with the interiors of the room . It is a value-for-money product and offers far more features than similar products in the same range.

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